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Seriously multipurpose

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What a burger

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Root canal!

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Because one can’t have too many social networks

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I signed up for a Posterous account. It is surely going to be just as riveting as my facebook posts and twitter stream.


New favorite

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netstat -tpe

Returns what is connecting to the internet, where, etc. Nice little command to check and see if something suspicious is happening.

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I *heart* lsof

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on November 12, 2008

lsof is a command to list open files. I learned about its usefulness a long time ago while working on an AIX box for work. Today I found it useful for a fairly simplistic reason. I was browsing the web and all of a sudden my CD drive spun up. I couldn’t understand what was making it spin but I decided I was going to eject the CD that was in the drive. I got an error telling me that I couldn’t “unmount the drive” as a program was using it. I tried a number of ways to unmount it but it seemed locked. I’m sure I could have done it somehow but I was curious as to what had the disk locked up so I issued a lsof command:

lsof | grep cd

Which returned:

amarokapp 20243 me 128r DIR 11,0 2048 1344 /media/cdrom0

There it is – exit amarok and the cd ejects.

Hey Kid Rock – You are an idiot.

Posted in Music by microwavebiscuit on September 7, 2008

That catchy tune by Kid Rock – All Summer Long – have you heard it? Being that I am roughly the same age as him the references he makes strike close to home. The first time I heard it I loved it and I ran home to see if I could get it on iTunes. Nope. Turns out Kid Rock decided not to make his music for sale via iTunes. Some folks might have scoured the seeder parts of the internet to download an “illegal” copy but I don’t do that. I do think that downloading a commercially released album without paying for it is stealing. Instead I did nothing. Of course I heard the song about a billion times over the course of this summer and now I’m over it. I could care less if I ever hear that song again. As with most “pop” music it has a fairly limited lifespan. If KR had made the song available on iTunes I would have spent the .99 on it and Kid Rock would have gotten something out of the deal. Instead I paid nothing, listened to it to death on the radio (for free!!) and now I have completely lost interest.

The thing that the RIAA and many artists, filmmakers, etc. fail to realize is that if they make their product available for a reasonable fee in a reasonable format (DRM Free Please!) and it’s reasonably convenient they get some money. If they don’t then some people resort to “alternate” ways of getting it while others just do nothing. There was NEVER a possibility that I was going to go to the store and buy the Kid Rock CD. If I had paid .99 on iTunes it technically would have been a waste of money as I would have soon tired of it and not listened to it but I don’t mind paying .99 for short term entertainment. Congratulations Kid Rock – you lost my 8 cents or whatever you would have gotten from iTunes.

Keith Urban – Stupid Boy

Posted in Music by microwavebiscuit on July 30, 2008

I know the song is a year or more old but every time I hear it I still get chills. It’s got me thinking – do I get chills because I am in fact a stupid boy or is it because it’s just a cool song?

Hey baby boomers – please hurry and die

Posted in Music, tv by microwavebiscuit on July 7, 2008

Die Boomers Die
I’m awfully sick of watching sports on TV and being the recipient of advertising geared towards the boomer generation. You had your time, it’s now over. Yes, I appreciate the contributions made by your generation – especially the music. That being said, you are doing a terrible job as stewards of that music. I suppose at some point in my life I’ll have to hear Nirvana or Pearl Jam shilling for dick pills or hair dye but I’ve really had enough of the music of the 60’s in advertisements. So, if you will all please hurry up and die perhaps I can stop hearing the music of the 60’s being used as a metaphor for the greed of the 80’s while targeting you old folks. Hey is that Freedom Rock?