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Old SuSE install disks

Posted in Linux by microwavebiscuit on May 27, 2008


Originally uploaded by phoch_98.

I was cleaning out my office and came across these disks. I’m sure it would install if I really was interested in technology from 8 or 9 years ago. I’m not positive about when exactly I purchased this setup but it was definitely a LONG time ago.

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Building a Backup Server

Posted in apple, Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on May 26, 2008

I’m building a mini-server to backup all of my network pc’s here at home. Things I’ve done so far:

1. Installed Xubuntu – I intended on installing Ubuntu server but couldn’t get it to boot. I downloaded the image and verified it – burned it on 2 different disks but no luck. So, I grabbed an Xubuntu disk I had laying around and installed it. I figure I can remove some of the extraneous stuff when I am complete.

2. Setup OpenSSH, SMB, etc. Wow, what a task. Thank god for the Ubuntu forums – specifically the tutorials section.

3. Followed these tutorials:

Setup Samba first:
HOWTO: Setup Samba peer-to-peer with Windows

Start rsync backups (so far I’m backing up my “main” Ubuntu PC and an Apple. 3 Windows machines to be setup to do backups too.
HOWTO: Backup nightly via rsync – Ubuntu Forums

Finally – setup “fake” raid for new big drives:
HOWTO: Linux Software Raid using mdadm

This all started as part of a project that I was inspired by in Linux Format Magazine which in the May issue had an article about building a media server/NAS using Ubuntu. It just so happens that I had a spare motherboard, case, power supply – all I really needed was a few big ass drives. Now I’m in the final stages of setting up the RAID array using RAID1 which is mirroring for hopefully fail-proof backups.

So far the only hiccups I’ve had were in getting the OS installed using the Ubuntu Server image.

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Hardy Upgrade

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on May 1, 2008

So I pulled the trigger on upgrading a bit earlier than usual. In the past I’ve waited a few weeks to do upgrades, this time I just waited a few days. It might have been a mistake, although when it is all said and done it worked pretty well. Here’s some issues that I’ve had:

  1. The biggest issue was that when I rebooted after doing the upgrade I couldn’t log in. It couldn’t find my home partition. This had something to do with changing all the hd to sd but my fstab wasn’t updated and it just failed. I’m not sure if it was supposed to get updated or what but it didn’t and I had to boot into failsafe terminal and start mucking around with my fstab. I had previously moved my home partition to another drive and that drive was no longer recognized by the system. Not a good start. I did manage to get it all working again but I was pretty disappointed in the way that all happened.
  2. Liferea is broke. I’m suffering from this bug I think. No idea on what the fix is or if there will be one. In the mean time I’m using Akregator which truly sucks. I’ve had some complaints about Liferea before but now being without it for a couple of days makes me realize how good it is.
  3. I haven’t really used Compiz before – I found it interesting as a challenge to get working in the past but the eye candy doesn’t actually do much for me. I thought I’d see if it was working for me and it really isn’t. As soon as I enable desktop effects I lose title bars and such. I poked around the forums and it doesn’t seem that I’m the only one with issues. Most of the recommendations are things that I’ve previously done or that when I try now don’t produce results. I’m not terribly interested in it anyway so I don’t think I’ll spend too much effort in trying to get it to work.

Some of the good:

  1. The new Hardy Heron desktop background is BEAUTIFUL. I’m really impressed with it and I’m using it as my desktop background. Thanks to those that made it.
  2. Other than my complaints above, everything else works, Amarok, Firefox, Azureus, Crack Attack, Geany, Gedit, etc. All my regular stuff works fine excepting Liferea (Please, Please, Please fix it!!!).

Overall it wasn’t too bad but I would have preferred it to be a bit smoother.

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