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Hardy, KDE 4

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on April 8, 2008

I have a virtual machine that I’ve been keeping going for a really long time as a test bed. I can’t tell you how many upgrades, installs, etc. that it’s been through and it keeps on working. Being that I don’t want to “risk” my main machine and upgrade to Hardy too soon I have upgraded my VM to Hardy. Even in it’s current state, Hardy is pretty awesome. I then decided since I was messing about I may as well install KDE 4 and see what is doing there. KDE 4 seems very nice although I’m having some troubles configuring it. Seems odd but I can’t find a way to add a second panel. I like to have a second one at the top in K and I would expect to find a “panels” area somewhere in desktop configuration or something. It seems to be hidden. Overall, I’m impressed with both KDE 4 and Hardy itself. I also can’t believe how much abuse my virtual machine has endured without complaining!

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New Theme

Posted in General by microwavebiscuit on April 6, 2008

Does this mean I might begin posting again? Am I motivated to revive this blog? Probably not but I like the look.