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Web 2.0 Stuff/Dump

Posted in Technology by microwavebiscuit on March 9, 2008

Yes I haven’t posted in forever. Yes this blog is very close to being abandoned however today I’m inclined to post about some of the cool web 2.0 stuff I am using.

First, my new favorite – Last.fm – allows you to track your music listening habits, find other people who like the same kind of music and find new bands that you might have never heard of.

Next, Xpenser – I’m trying to simplify my expense reports and submissions which is a royal pain in the ass. This may help.

Another new fav – Jott which allows you to call a 866 number (toll free) and leave up to a 30 second message for yourself which will then be transcribed and e-mail’d to you. I use this a lot when traveling (i.e parked my car at A21, don’t forget to…).