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Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on October 15, 2007

Last week Buy.com had a sale on a toy I’ve been waiting to purchase for a while – the Nokia n800 Internet Tablet. Being that it was on sale for $249 (original price $399) I couldn’t resist and I bought it. It runs a modified version of Debian called Maemo and it’s open source as you’d imagine. I added a few repositories that are available and I was able to get Pidgin, x-term, and a few other tools running quickly. It’s a really neat device! I’ve used it mostly for reading RSS feeds and web browsing. It’s nice to keep laying around when watching TV as if something comes on that I want to hit the web for I’ve got it right there in my hand. It also has a camera, a FM radio and built in Skype support. In the few days that I’ve had it I’ve been incredibly impressed with it. I’m also looking forward to Ubuntu’s new embedded edition when it breaks cover as it may be a nice choice although I’m pretty smitten with Maemo as it is.

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