Microwave Biscuit

Well, Duh!!

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on October 8, 2007

I have this habit of making things more difficult than they need to be. A while ago I posted about setting up SSL access to my home Ubuntu PC and I had/have everything working as it should, however my home IP address recently changed and my router didn’t update my DynDNS address. It has a setting to use DynDNS which I’ve filled in and I just assumed that when it detected an IP change it would update the service. Well, it didn’t. So, I decided I would just set up a client on my Ubuntu PC to take care of the updating. A long time ago I had a bash script that did it fairly well but I’ve long since lost it and while I did come up with a few alternatives using the Google, I ended up grabbing the “official” Linux client which is “ddclient”. The DynDNS website has some very helpful tools for creating and configuring ddclient but I still had some minor issues. I started messing with config files, reading docs, etc and I’m sure I would have gotten it to work but a quick search on the Google revealed that ddclient is available in Synaptic. Duh! Why not look there first? I don’t know… Anyway, I selected the package and got a nice debconf gui configuration routine which I filled out and magically it all works. The moral of the story is before attempting to build things from sources, manually configure stuff, etc. check Synaptic. It’s entirely probable that what you are trying to wrestle with is available as an easily configured package.

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