Microwave Biscuit

Buying mom a laptop

Posted in Technology by microwavebiscuit on October 1, 2007

My mother has asked me to assist her with the purchase of a new laptop so yesterday we went to the local BestBuy to scope out prospective machines. My choice was a clearance Gateway for $349 which I think is perfect for what she needs to do (surf the web, e-mail and play solitaire) however she was leery of it because it wasn’t plugged in and she couldn’t mess with it. So, we went up a notch to another Gateway which was $699 and was roughly twice as nice (double the RAM, double the HD, Writes DVD – which she’ll never do). I’ve bought quite a few Gateway PC’s over the years and they all have worked reasonably well. I still have a Pentium 90 with 64 Meg of RAM that would probably turn on if I asked it to. She wasn’t sold however so we kept looking. We found a virtually identical HP laptop in terms of specs and price but it had some “pretty” patterns etched into the lid of the laptop. SOLD! Pretty beat out all of the other factors. I have had good experiences with HP PC’s as well but just more with Gateway. Apparently that doesn’t matter – pretty swirly things convinced my mother to make a purchase. Hear that Gateway?

I guess being that they are all probably made in the same factory in China it doesn’t matter so much and it just comes down to luck. I also guess I could have gotten her a better deal by shopping online but being that it’s from BestBuy if it’s broken she might be able to take it back at her local BestBuy.

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