Microwave Biscuit

The new home (for my PC) is finally ready

Posted in Technology by microwavebiscuit on June 17, 2007

After last night’s debacle with a busted power supply and case issues I have finally gotten it all back together again. I went back and got a new power supply to replace the defective one I bought. It was remarkably easy and I give big props to Fry’s for making the return process painless. I ended up getting a different power supply then the one I had picked out last night as I was enticed when I went to pick out the replacement by a power supply that was “modular”. Instead of having a mountain of cables coming out of it, there are plugs to plug in the cable sets that you need. This way I’m not cluttering up my case with PCI Express cables that I’ll never use and I only have 2 SATA drives so I don’t need 4 connectors. Anyway, it went back together fairly easily and I’m very happy with my purchases.

When did buying a power supply become such a big deal anyway? It seems that when I built my first PC all of the cases you could buy had built-in power supplies (and they were all one size and beige) and the only reason you’d ever buy a new power supply is if one went bad. If you needed a new one, there wasn’t much choice in them and they were about $20. At some point it changed such that no cases have power supplies and when you go to buy one they have everything from 300 Watt to 1200 Watt now. They also cost quite a bit more than $20.

While I was looking at the power supplies I wandered over and looked at the motherboards, processors, etc too. I managed to pull myself away before I ended up getting some quad-core monstrosity some $800 later. And really, if you’re going to spend the dough on a quad-core processor and kick-ass motherboard combo, you may as well spring for the dual SLI PCI Express video cards. Once you go that route, it really only makes sense to buy 8 Gigs of RAM as well. If you’ve got 8 Gigs of RAM, you’d better also get another TB of disk space to go along with it. I’m guessing I could have dropped about 3K on stuff that I really don’t need all while trying to return a defective power supply. This is why I brought my wife with me last night when I was going to buy the new case on power supply! Fortunately I was able to exercise some self control and left with only a replacement power supply.

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