Microwave Biscuit

My PC has a new home but it’s kinda broken

Posted in Technology by microwavebiscuit on June 17, 2007

Tonight I went to Fry’s and bought a new case and a new power supply. Both made by Antec as I’ve had very good luck with Antec stuff over the years. The new case is a P180B ( link ) and it’s very awesome. My old case was also an Antec but I bought the cheapest one I could find because when I built this PC I was doing it on the cheap. In any case, it was time to upgrade. Putting together an existing PC in a new case is always a challenge because inevitably I hook something up incorrectly. After I put it all back together again it booted up right away (yeah Ubuntu!) but then shut down almost instantly. I tried to restart it but it just kept quiting with no warning. I checked all of the cables over again to make sure everything was hooked up correctly and it still kept failing. By process of elimination I figured it was the new power supply. Sure enough I plugged in the old power supply and everything works great. Mind you it took about 45 minutes to reroute all of the cables and whatnot to get my old power supply in place. The other thing is that the old power supply’s cables aren’t really long enough to support this new giant tower I’ve purchased so I have to leave the PC in a very crazy state with the case all open and the power supply just resting on the open case. Looks like I’m off to Fry’s again tomorrow to return it and get a new one.

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