Microwave Biscuit

Why didn’t someone tell me?

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on June 8, 2007

I wasn’t aware that this was hardware failure week but apparently it is. In some previous posts I’ve talked about my 2nd SATA drive going bad. I also mentioned that I had started monitoring my hardware a little more closely. Using the sensors panel applet I saw that my CPU fan was spinning like crazy and the internal temps of my machine were quite high. This might be expected if I was doing some serious work but my computer was basically idle. So, I look around the case and one of the fans is spinning at about 2 RPM. Not a good sign. I turn the PC off, and open up the case to start inspecting. As is usual, there was plenty of dust and crud surrounding all of the fan vents, etc so I broke out the vacuum and started a clean up effort. As I was going through my clean up I noticed that the fan on the back of the power supply was remarkably clean. In fact, upon further inspection it appears that the power supply fan has probably never turned one revolution. Crap! This particular power supply/case combo I put together probably 1.5 years ago and never inspected that particular fan. Looks like I’m off to buy a new power supply and case. The case wasn’t particularly nice anyway and I’d like to get a case with a bit more room inside.

After doing a serious cleaning of the components in my PC, libsensors is reporting back a much more normal temp and fan speed internally. I also propped a big giant fan behind the PC to blow air through and that is definitely helping too. While libsensors didn’t exactly tell me that my power supply fan wasn’t turning it did lead me down the path to investigate fan speeds and temps which lead me to figure out my power supply was bad.

Also of note, I tried the “freezer trick” on my bad drive. Apparently if a drive goes bad sometimes if you put it in the freezer for some time you can get it to spin one more time. No luck.

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