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I’m back and Feisty

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on April 21, 2007

The upgrade process was a little more difficult than I hoped but I’m back and I didn’t have to reinstall anything so I guess it was a success. Here’s how it went…

I started the upgrade and because so many other people were trying to do it on day 1 the download speeds were a bit slow. I did see some posts on how to improve it but I wasn’t really in a hurry anyway. Total time to download all of the packages was about 12 hours or so. During the upgrade something hiccuped and it had an issue installing the package X11-Common. I got a message: The upgrade will no quit, your system may be unusable. Yikes! I’m pretty sure that if I had rebooted or lost power at that point my machine would have been screwed but I just re-initiated the upgrade again. After a few more packages were installed, the same thing happened. I was really starting to sweat. When I started to do the upgrade again, it said that only a partial upgrade was available and would I like to install as much as possible. I figured, may as well… So, I continued watching packages get installed and had a few more issues. Finally, it looked like everything got installed so I rebooted. I was crossing my fingers hoping that I would actually get my machine to boot up again. Sure enough it did. When I got it booted back up into a session I had an update available – it was still X11-Common that hadn’t installed. Having any parts of X not installed correctly makes me nervous so I attempted to diagnose the issue. Each time I attempted to apply the update it would fail due to conflict. Digging a little deeper revealed that somehow it was conflicting with Opera web browser. I had forgotten that I even installed Opera so I figured I could just get rid of it.

The next problem is that I installed Opera using dpkg to force the install of the i386 package on my 64-Bit system so typing ‘apt-get remove opera’ didn’t work as apparently apt didn’t think it was installed! Did a little more research online and found that I could rip it out using dpkg with the -P flag to “purge” it. Once I did that, I was able to apply the final upgrade required to get totally feisty. I have since done a couple of reboots and everything appears to be working exactly as it should be from a system level.

Now, since I have gotten everything installed/upgraded I thought I’d check out some of the new stuff! The first thing I tried was using Compiz. I have had Beryl running for sometime and I enjoy the eye candy on occasion. I was looking forward to giving Compiz a chance. First thing to do is to go to System/Preferences/Desktop Effects. After selecting “Enable Desktop Effects” I got some of the Compiz goodness going. However, as soon as I activate it, I lose all title bars, max, min, close buttons, etc. There also doesn’t appear to be much to tweak in the default “Desktop Effects” app. I downloaded and installed the Gnome GL Desktop app which allows for tweaking and customizing Compiz. Even after playing with that app, I couldn’t manage to get Title Bars, etc to show up so for now, Desktop Effects are turned off. Running Beryl has the same issue now so obviously something is not right with how those two apps are interacting with Metacity or something. Searching “the google” hasn’t produced any meaningful help so far. Stay tuned.

Other things I noticed – Liferea has been updated and I like some of the new look and feel features. The restricted driver manager is kinda cool and as soon as I booted up, it let me know I was using restricted drivers (nVidia). The “invest” toolbar applet appears to be broken for me now which is no big deal. One of my favorite games – Frozen Bubble has been updated some and has a new look to it. Pretty nice.

All in all, not a bad upgrade process and having the new Feisty Fawn has so far been pretty nice!

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