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Woot! Email Alerts using Rss2Email

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on March 25, 2007

Like many geeks, I often anxiously await the latest product offering from Woot. Yes, there are several online places that offer an alerting service but why give your email and such away when you can do it yourself?


1. Install the rss2email package on Ubuntu.
2. From a terminal type: r2e new me@myaddress.com – This creates a “new” account for rss2email
3. Type r2e add http://www.woot.com/Blog/Rss.aspx – Add the woot RSS Feed in.
4. Type r2e run – that executes the program.
5. Wait anxiously to see if the email arrives. Mine originally got caught in GMail’s spam filter – so I had to tweak it to not think it was spam.
6. If you get your email, schedule a cron job to run around 12 Midnight central time (GMT – 6) that has r2e run in it.

To add a cron entry you do the following:

1. Type crontab -e in a terminal – this is “edit your crontab entry”.
2. Enter the following parameters:

01 00 * * * r2e run

Save and close.

This sets the cron job to run at 12:01 local time for me (if you are in a different time zone you will need to enter a different time for 00).

We’ll see if it works tonight at 12:01 local time.

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