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Net Zero

Posted in Technology by microwavebiscuit on March 25, 2007

There is a relatively new round of commercials on TV for NetZero internet service. The “theme” of these commercials is the NetZero mission: The best internet service for the price (paraphrasing here). In the commercials they talk about staying true to their mission which I find completely ironic. For those that don’t remember, NetZero came on the scene in the late 90’s with the concept of free (but ad sponsored) internet access. At one point I signed up for an account as I thought it might come in handy to have dial-up access from time to time. As I remember (I could be slightly off) you browsed in kind of a window that had banner ads all around it. It wasn’t completely awful and of course you do get what you pay for.

So, as near as I can tell their original “mission” was to provide FREE internet access. I’m not sure how their current organization lives up to that original mission. If you poke around their site (link omitted on purpose) there is some reference to a free 10 hours per month plan but good luck figuring out how to sign up for it.

If I HAD to get dial-up access (thankfully I don’t) their deals aren’t bad – they have a pretty good feature set for $9.95 a month. It’s just that the present ad campaign about staying true to their original mission annoys me.

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