Microwave Biscuit

Messing with Themes

Posted in Wordpress by microwavebiscuit on March 23, 2007

I am a firm believer in content over style and recognize the following:

1. People will visit my blog for the information contained, not how “cool” it looks.
2. Just because you can add all kinds of do-dads and such to a blog doesn’t mean you should.
3. Styles and Topography should enhance the experience of the blog not get in the way of it.

With those tenets in mind, I’ve been messing with the theme of this blog a bit. I’m not terribly interested in paying for the right to customize the CSS (WordPress Upgrade) as if I was going to pay for that, I’d just assume pay for hosting and then have the ability to customize everything I want. So, I’m stuck with the built-in theme options. I’ve changed the theme today to “Sapphire” as I find it pretty nice. I may put in a custom header image as I had in the last theme I was using.

If you happened to be visiting over the last 30 minutes or so you may have noticed a whole bunch of themes being tested out. Many of the built-in themes are very nice but most of them had things about them that I didn’t like – image presentation, blockquote style, “code” style, etc. This theme does a pretty nice job with all of it I think.

I’m happy to hear feedback if there are objections or opinions about the current style in use.


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