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New Memory Installed

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on March 21, 2007

Steps to install 2 – 1GB memory chips in Ubuntu PC:

1. Turn off computer.
2. Remove old RAM.
3. Install new RAM.
4. Start computer.

That’s it. My machine immediately noticed the increased memory and now things are flying! Not that 1 Gig (2 512 chips) was so slow or anything but as I mentioned before once I started using Beryl and all of my “normal” software things would get a bit slower.

Here’s my new “Top” output for memory.

Mem: 2059612k total, 1022212k used, 1037400k free, 17700k buffers
Swap: 3004112k total, 0k used, 3004112k free, 430012k cached

Note the 0K used in swap file. Also note that it is using a full gig of RAM right now in physical memory. Do I have a lot of stuff running? Yup.

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  1. Matthew Walster said, on March 21, 2007 at 4:43 pm

    Just a word of advice – you’re not using 1GiB of RAM, you’re using ~600MiB.

    Notice the bit that says “cached”? That’s cache that your computer is using, and will be blanked when it’s needed – it’s not vital.

    So, actually, you’re using 1022212-430012k, which is 592200k.

    Have fun, either way!

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