Microwave Biscuit

CD’s as a metaphor

Posted in Music by microwavebiscuit on March 21, 2007

I just got new bookcases for my office and I also got inserts to put CDs in the shelves. It kinda takes the shelf and divides it into 8 CD shaped areas that I can fit ~10 CD’s in each (80 per shelf). I just finished putting my entire audio cd collection in it and with each CD loaded into the shelves I was reminded of different things. Some of my CDs have duct tape residue on the outside of the cases as I used duct tape to “strap” them into a box that I was taking to college. I’m embarrassed to say that there are a couple of CD’s still in their wrap, never opened – those few are mostly the last remnants of my friend’s CD store that went out of business and I bought a handful from him for $5 each. There’s a Nine Inch Nails CD that I got in trade with an ex-girlfriend – I honestly don’t remember what she got for it. I’ve got CD’s from bands that I saw in clubs that were probably only sold at shows – BOP(Harvey) Anyone?. Also interesting are some of the CD’s I burned mixes on. “Good Music 3” was put together on September 1, 2001. I was heading out of town and was driving to Boston for a couple of weeks and needed some good music to drive to. During my trip to Boston, 9/11 happened. I certainly wasn’t expecting that when I put together my “Good Music 3” CD. I have no idea what is on that CD – so I’m going to listen to it to hear what I thought was “good” 6 years ago. Then there’s a CD called “American Air 1082 Mix” that I put together on 12/21/01 on AA Flight 1082 which I think was from DFW to San Francisco. I also have far too many CD’s written on in pen called “mix”. Lord only knows what’s there. Anyway it’s definitely a trip down memory lane just organizing CD’s. It’s also odd to think that 80 – 90 % of the music that I’ve gotten over the last few years is in electronic format only. My new bookcases would be a lot fuller if not for iTunes. My CD collection is almost a scrapbook to me. I still have the very first CD I ever bought (U2 – Joshua Tree).

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