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Posted in Technology by microwavebiscuit on March 20, 2007

There is a relatively new TV show that I enjoy a bit called “The Black Donnellys” which is on NBC Monday nights. I have a DVR built into my cable box and I had set it to record the show last night as I had other plans and wouldn’t be able to watch it live. I sat down this afternoon to enjoy my taped broadcast and found out that mysteriously the DVR recorded only the first 42 minutes of it. Why in the world did it record only 42 minutes? Who knows. This is one of the problems I have with technology today. Had this been 7-10 years ago, I would have either set my VCR to record it or watched it live. While my DVR has all kinds of magical features like the ability to record a whole season, search, etc. it doesn’t really help me if I expect it to record something and I only get a partial recording. At one point I had built a PC-DVR and it worked pretty well, however, due to the way our cable is structured I couldn’t record all that many channels so I decided to go with the new cable box/dvr combo.

In any case, fast forward a bit and I watched the first 42 minutes that my DVR had recorded and then went online to NBC’s website. They offer the ability to watch the whole show online although you can’t fast forward through the mandatory into commercial. So while cursing technology one minute, another technology (Web 2.0) allowed me to see the end of the show. While it wouldn’t have been the end of the world to not see the end of the show, I would have rather seen none of it than 42 minutes so being able to catch the end online was nice.

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