Microwave Biscuit

Another Distro Test – Part 2

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on March 14, 2007

I’ve gotten my OpenSuSE 10.2 Virtual Machine running and setup. As I mentioned in a previous post, I choose mostly default settings and KDE. Without much fanfare or issue it did install, boot up, etc. I don’t seem to have sound available and I’ve tried a couple of things to get sound to work but no luck so far. Other than the sound issue there are no problems. It does have a nice look and feel and I really like the K Menu that is installed although it’s probably not as useful as the “regular” menu. It’s pretty. Overall, it seems like any K desktop and I’m still figuring my way around some of tools (i.e. how do you install new software – I think I’ve got it figured out). Everything related to system setup is done via Yast (yet another setup tool). I look forward to playing with the system a bit more over the next few days and weeks to see more of what it offers. It’s funny – I’m normally a fan of KDE but for maybe the last few months I’ve been using Gnome in Ubuntu. I’ve gotten so used to Gnome that KDE seems almost foreign. More on that in another post….

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