Microwave Biscuit

Some new distros to toy with

Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on March 9, 2007

Every month I read Linux Format magazine and it always comes with a DVD chock full of distro goodness. This month they included Open SuSE. At one point I did like SuSE but haven’t used it in a long time. The current version looks interesting and I’ll be installing it in a virtual machine to play with. I’m sure it won’t make me switch from Ubuntu but I always like to play around with other distros and I may find a new program or two to install on my “regular” machine. I also bought Linux Magazine this month which I don’t like as much as Linux Format but I got it specifically because it had a DVD of the “Best of Small Distros” which seems like some fun to play with. It includes Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux, etc. and I’ll be messing about with these in the near term as well. Look for more reports on these new distros.

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