Microwave Biscuit

Using Beryl 0.1.9999.2

Posted in Linux by microwavebiscuit on February 19, 2007

I have installed and configured Beryl 0.1.9999.2 on my PC. I have been running Beryl for a few weeks now and here are my thoughts:

  • It’s not entirely stable. It crashes about 3x per week but it falls back to MetaCity nicely
  • The Eye Candy is brilliant. It shows off well
  • Configuring the “hot corners” is a must. I have my top left corner move to the left window and the bottom right move to the right. It’s actually a productivity enhancement in terms of desktop switching.
  • It seems to hog a bit of resources which I only notice when trying to wake the computer from the screen saver and/or doing lots of intensive tasks

Overall rating is a B+ and I’m sure that as new releases are put forth the stability will increase.

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