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Posted in Linux, ubuntu by microwavebiscuit on February 19, 2007

I just installed Yakuake that I found here:Command Line Warriors » Blog Archive » Quake style terminals. It’s available in Ubuntu by searching Synaptic (or apt-get install yakuake). I had noticed this package before but couldn’t understand why I needed it. After literally stumbling on the Command Line Warriors site and reading some of their older posts a full explanation was provided on Yakuake. Honestly, I thought it was a game emulator or something but it’s just a neat terminal trick. Now, pressing F12 on my keyboard drops a terminal window down. This is very handy as I’m forever opening a new terminal session to enter something. Having it at the ready is great. Yakuake is actually a KDE package but I’m running it fine on Gnome. I do have the Konsole package installed as I generally prefer Konsole anyway. The only issue that I had is that I had previously bound my F12 key to something else and I couldn’t find an easy way to provide it with an alternate keybinding until I had it running. It would be nice if you could specify an alternate key config in the configuration file.

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